Re: Balanced Timothy Cubes in Ohio

Carla Caudill-Waechter

Happy to report that I picked up my 8 bags of TC Timothy Balanced Cubes today from the Knightstown (Indiana) Elevator and was told that I had just missed some other ladies from Ohio picking up theirs. So glad we got this all worked out! That said, Tanya stated that she is concerned about how complicated  their business is becoming with shipping delays, fuel costs, order minimum requirements, etc.  She said they are determined to get the product for us, but asks that we give them a 3 week lead time on future orders. If any of you want to coordinate ordering times so we can help them out and ensure a more reliable supply schedule for ourselves, please let me know—probably best to do this privately via emails so we don’t clog up the board here. 

Carla Caudill-Waechter
Skeeter and Ricky
September, 2017
Delaware County, Indiana
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