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Hi Lavinia,
My farrier studied your notes and the photos and we/he trimmed. I took some post trim lateral and sole photos. If you want to take a quick peek, feel free to critique. I welcome any and all feedback ..I thought it might could serve as a further lesson for more than just me. Relevante was sore afterward so I had to snap very quickly. One other interesting note my farrier and I observed. On our trail ride a couple weeks ago we went up a hill of medium steepness. i gave him his head. He chose to gallop up that hill with a flair at the top as if to say..."What did you think of that Mom?" He also galloped right out of his Cavallo boots. That was a first in the almost four years he has worn those boots. I went to the website and found that the typical life cycle for the boots is 1 to 2 years. He has worn them nearly four years. Then I had another thought. Since the boots for the front feet came off entirely and the boots on the back feet were twisting I wondered if maybe the years of diagnostic trimming have reduced the size of his feet. He has been wearing 2 regulars on the front and 1 slims on the back. Today we tried the 1 slims on the front feet and they fit perfectly. My farrier put a strong bevel on the size 1s. If i follow that line of logic that means zeros for the back feet. So my dumb question is...can corrective trimming reduce foot size over time? As always can't thank you enough Lavinia for your guidance. My farrier told me today he is trimming for someone else that you are doing consults with. When he heard the owner mention your name he said "Lavinia knows all about me," and mentioned what a good teacher you have been...thought i would pass that on.
Beavercreek, Ohio
March 2018
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