Re: Mouse's partial bloodwork


Thanks Sherry.  My vet is looking into Metformin and my vet and farrier both felt pretty strongly about putting Mouse in Heartbar shoes yesterday.  He is barefoot and has always been so except for about 10 years ago for two weeks on rough terrain.  With the heartbars on the front, he was immediately sound at the walk.  He is being kept in a deeply bedded stall and has a matted shed-row that he can walk out on.  He is bright, eating well and seems comfortable.  Don't know if I can post a picture of him somewhere but Mouse is actually pretty thin in my opinion.  thanks for the info.  On another note, I have a second horse from the same HMA as Mouse (he is a Kiger mustang also) that I blood tested the same day as Mouse out of an abundance of caution as he is over-weight as was Mouse at his age.  He has no history of laminitis or problems but genetically, they are so similar.  Should I start a case history form on him?  All I have is bloodwork but no other history to report?  His name is Ryn, pronounced like the bird Wren.    His insulin was rather high, he is always in a muzzle, same time out as Mouse, same diet, etc., whom I now have on dry lot to keep a close eye on him.  On both of them their T4 was was under the reference interval.  Just curious if I should do the file for him.  Thanks Kimberly 

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