Re: Jiaogulan and Devil's Claw for Sunny


Hi, Susan.
I don't see pinker gum for 12 hours. That doesn't mean Jiaogulan isn't working. Just be sure you see an effect within an hour or so after syringing. I don't know the size of your scoop, so I can't comment on whether that seems like a lot or a little. I used powdered jiaogulan and give one mare 2 teaspoons, the other with gray gums almost 3 teaspoons. This can change from batch to batch because it is a nonstandarized herbal.

Please see the picky eater's checklist on enticing a fussy eater. 
My go-to enticements are a tiny bit of CocoSoya granular, FORCO and for one, Fiber Force. Sometimes a drop of high quality oil (olive, CocoOmega Oil) does the trick. Don't add too many things together, where you end up with a gourmet assortment of exotic flavors. Sometimes the horse craves boring -- ODTBC, for example. Pick your battles. Start with a carrier your horse will eat. Slowly add just a little (even just a teaspoon) of the supplement. I grind things into powder with Stabul1. 

If you search messages for "Picky," you'll find dozens of messages with suggestions.
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