Re: Mouse's partial bloodwork

Sherry Morse

You can post pictures of Mouse and his current trim in your photo album.  They would be helpful, particularly the body shot as you have his ideal weight at 900 in his case history but then list him as thin at an estimated 950lbs.  So one of those numbers is not correct.

Are you weighing his hay or guesstimating how much he's eating? If his ideal weight is 900 he should be eating 18lbs a day.  If his ideal weight is actually 950 he should be eating 19lbs a day. That amount includes all hay and concentrates. How much beet pulp is he eating?  Did you mean .5lbs a day?  How much Stabul-1 is he getting?  I know it seems onerous, but we really do need to know all these details to tell you where we think his diet can be tightened up.  

The most obvious spot is that he needs to be off pasture and in a dry lot unless he's wearing a completely closed muzzle.  We find in many horses that making that change alone can make a big difference in their comfort level and it sounds like you have Mouse off grass at the moment so keeping him off going forward is probably going to be important for him.

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