NSAID withdrawal rebound + Invokana quandary


I had a tapering plan for taking Cayuse off banamine and substituting Phyto Quench with Devil's Claw. I reduced  banamine dose over the course of 5 days and started PQ pellets. Cayuse ate them twice and went on a  supplement boycott. She left a lot of hay on Saturday and spent more time down than up. I'm doing to my best to get calories in her with extra ODTBC, but I'm losing the calories war without BP and about ¼ to ⅓  of her 20 lbs of hay being left.

I gave her a single dose of Ulcergard early on Saturday thinking that was the problem. But after seeing how much she was down in the stall, I think NSAID rebound is a more likely explanation.

I need a new plan. If she weren't on Invokana, having her tough it out might make sense. We can't do that safely.

I think I should give her a reduced dose of Invokana and also give her a 500 lb dose of banamine on Sunday and reinstate a slower NSAID tapering plan. 

Other ideas?
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