New Diagnosis- Paso Fino Senior Gelding



New member here! I just revieved few days ago, my vet texted me the results of bloodwork and he said my gelding has Cushings. I am still doing my due diligence because I do not believe he is very familiar with it, as I had to ask questions myself from research I have done.... I would like a second opinion if possible. The result came back as 24.5 pg/L. Is that indicator of cushings? My gelding has been on the all forage diet for a year now, has always had good feet and has gotten better since I bought him and adjusted diet. His lifestyle in general has improved, more movement day to day... Balanced minerals to tested hay etc. But his body scale has increased, with a hard cresty neck etc. Is that a sign of PPID? Or maybe just IR? I am so confused, becaue he has not shown any signs except weight gain... I thought his life would have gotten better with the inflammatory diet, and more movement in daily life. Thanks for all the help! I am still figuring out this website so let me know if i need to do anything else here... I need to add pictures next. Thanks again!
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