Re: Mouse's partial bloodwork


Yes, I know that was a bit of a mess trying to get something uploaded and in the crisis did not review.  I can do a better calculation and take pictures to post.  I weigh everything our horses eat, as with Mustangs, they have to be managed.  He is currently on 18lbs of hay a day which I weigh dry.  It is much heavier after soaking so not sure that is a consideration.  I have been soaking hay for years and have never asked if the weight is wet or dry?  He gets 1/2 lb of beet pulp per day weighed when dry.  He gets 4 ozs of Stabul 1 only as an additive to the beet pulp to make it more palatable.  I know the feeding rate is so much higher but none of our horses need that much grain.  He has been off pasture and is not in a dry lot, but being currently stalled as he still has DPs.  He is not over-weight and I will get some photos posted.  I so appreciate all of the guidance so far.  

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