Newly diagnosed, questions

Bonnie Eddy

Allie has just been diagnosed with PPID. 
I would like my labs looked at, as I have several questions. 
The stem test showed just 45 on the pre, but 84 on the post draw, which is within normal range. I would think the post sould be elevated?

My vet said it appears that Allie has some inflammatory process going on. She didn't know if it could be related to the cushings or is there another possibility? What do you think?

I couldn't understand the insulin/glucose relationship numbers even though I did the calculations. What do they show?

Anything else on the labs look like a concern?

Allie is on a number of supplements due to her chronic ulcers and allergies. Right now she seems well controlled in these areas. Any further advice?

Thank you very much,
Bonnie with Allie and Racham (over the rainbow) from Southern California, Nov/2016

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