Ontario Balance Cubes ok before Insulin/glucose test?

Sherry LaMarche

My vet is coming at 10:30 tomorrow am to pull another blood test for Insulin/Glucose
after my Mustang tested out at 199.69uIU/ml with a reference range of 10-40.
He's coming out of a laminitic episode that happened in March when he got a few
hours of dead grass that was on the edges of his drylot track.  

Blue only had our low sugar hay that Dr. Kellon reviewed last fall prior to this
last blood draw, and he gets about 1 flake at a time and he was stalled the
night prior.  I am thinking of only giving him the Balance cubes prior to testing
this time (starting at about 3am before) and wondering if that would work.
I want to see if the hay that was tested was actually the hay that was

Any thoughts?
Sherry L., SE Wisconsin, 2009

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