Re: 31 yr old mare newly diagnosed PPID/IR

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Mary,

I just want to add to what Maxine said.  Getting my horse on pergolide initially resulted in lethargy and decreased appetite.  I didn't have APF so we just titrated up slowly to a 1mg starting dose.  However, after a few months, getting the pergolide dose high enough (4mg) to reduce the muscle loss and keep his ACTH in the low 20s has actually increased his energy.  He never did get back his "I'll eat anything" appetite but he has no problem putting on weight when I over feed him on the foods he likes (hay, TC Timothy Balance cubes, plain rsr beet pulp).  Some mornings he comes galloping in for his breakfast when he sees me coming...this from a horse that never moved above a walk in his paddock, unless spooked.  It's so obvious that he feels good and I've seen these positive changes come from controlling IR thru diet, and controlling PPID with the right dose of pergolide.

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