Re: Question - laminitis or too much trim?


One version (lateral) of x-rays uploaded.  Vet (not my usual vet but the barn owner's vet who is a lameness specialist) said no physical signs of laminitis. He said the problem is thin soles and the trim caused the sensitivity.  Two weeks after the trim, my horse is back to normal. She has also not had any grass though.

I received the insulin test results yesterday and I expect they will be of no value from re-reading your guidelines.  I will see if I can get my own vet to come and do a re-test.

The test was non-fasting, in the afternoon, with low nsc hay available before.  Just insulin, glucose was not reported on.  (I unfortunately could not attend the visit.)
Results are:

<14.4 pmol/L (note not mmol/L) reported as Low, with a reference range of 28-390.

Just the same, I would appreciate any comments on this result - is there any value to it and what is the unit conversion - and the x-rays.


August 2020
Metro Vancouver BC Canada

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