Re: Mouse's Numbers and many questions

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Let's get it right up front first - absolutely no grass for these two. Grass is an uncontrolled source of simple carbohydrates which flare insulin numbers. There are times of the year more dangerous than others, depending on conditions, but never guaranteed safety. Keep them off or only for short periods with a completely sealed muzzle.

They both have severe insulin resistance and elevated glucose as well so diabetic.

Why is Mouse on Prascend? It doesn't help insulin unless he has PPID and his ACTH values have been normal. Obviously it's not helping.

PPID is a metabolic issue but neither have it. What they have is metabolic syndrome.

The four hour guideline for morning samples has nothing to do with overfeeding. Horses that have been fasted overnight have an exaggerated insulin response to the first meal of the day and it takes about 4 hours for that to level out. I'm pretty sure your repeat tests will be much improved but more because of their diet now than the time interval.

NSAID drugs (bute, Banamine, EquiOx) are antiinflammatory drugs for pain. They have no effect on insulin.

If they are still painful, Metformin is the way to go but otherwise just retest and take it from there.
Eleanor in PA 
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