Sunday labs & case history updated - CBD info


Hello friends -
I have updated Sunday's case history & labs. Like many here, he has more than one challenge (PPID, IR, melanomas, arthritis). After one year on Prascend his labs looked good last April 2021, but his melanomas were accelerating. So last spring I started giving him cannabis oil (legal here). I gave 5 ml twice a day (it was infused in coconut oil) until this April 2022. He seemed to do well throughout the year. But this year's labs came back with ACTH in the mid 20's (previously low teens) & insulin mildly elevated. After getting these results something percolated in my brain & after a couple weeks I recalled something Dr Kellon had replied to about not using CBD in PPID horses. So we (mostly me, my vet gives me all her knowledge, but is quite willing to listen to what I learn here, so she was concerned when I told her I couldn't remember why, but I thought CBD might be contraindicated with the PPID) decided to give the cannabis oil 12 hrs away from the Prascend & see what blood work would say in a month. Just got those results back & EEK - ACTH is even higher, & insulin the highest it has ever been :(  Needless to say, I have stopped the cannabis oil & plan to recheck ACTH/insulin in 3-4 weeks. Any other thoughts or advice if I should do differently? One concern I have is whether in mid-late June we will already be into the fall rise, in case I need to increase his Prascend. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Rozanne & Sunday
July 02 2019  Larimer County, Colorado
case history: 

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