Re: Mouse's Numbers and many questions


Thank you Dr. Kellon for your response.  Just to clarify, I understand that NSAIDS have no effect on insulin, Mouse was on Equioxx, then Bute as he had DPs primarily in his RF and was lame on that foot.  The lameness indicated pain, hence the NSAIDS.  Once the heartbars were put on he has been much more comfortable but not 100%.  Any hints on what to add to Metformin to entice eating it?  Ryn ate it fine for three days and now will not touch his beet pulp/Stabul 1 mix with it in it?  I will start Mouse on it as well to see if I have better luck, but he is a picky eater.  Thanks for the guidance and clarification. There is alot to know here.  Kimberly

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