Re: Hoof pain


Thank you Dr. Kellon.

I'm discouraged. Is the sinking with the rotation something she will be able to come back from? Will I be able to ride her again? 

The blood tests are back. The pre-TRH ACTH level is 25 (last time was 15.5) and post-TRH was 276 (last time was 188). 

Her insulin level is 32.5, which is down from the 42.5 last time. 

I am using .5 mg of compounded pergolide. Should I increase the dose? Do I need to switch to Prascend? 

I really would like to stop using the Metformin, but I am guessing that is too soon with her insulin still at 32.5. 

Thank you!

Lisa L
August 2020 Milaca Minnesota
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