Re: Zahr Update: Insulin and glucose results

Sue Ring

Hey Mikaela!!

I did not know about the "veil" until my horse exhibited the signs and went off of his feed....which I was using as a carrier for his supplements, Vit E, salt, flaxseed, PhytoQuench etc.  So to answer your question I did start him on APF AFTER the veil started, as I did not know about it until then....he rebounded and regained his appetite within 2 days so for us, it was a game changer.  I have kept him on it.  It seems to be good for him, he has shown no adverse reaction to it, he tolerates the pergolide well and he is on 3 mg......BUT, his recent bloodwork was so good, I am talking to the vet tomorrow about when/if to reduce him.  I know "seasonal rise" is ahead so we may just stay status quo to be sure he is well supported and continues to drop.......his ACTH went from over 1,000 (yes!!!! that's ONE THOUSAND) to 148!!!!  I know APF is pricey but what we have managed to do so far seems really good.  He is not IR.  I think Dr K said most horses should be on at least 8 ml of APF and that is where we are at.  I am thinking I will continue to supplement him until after seasonal rise and see where we go from there.  Best of luck with everything I hope APF works well for you!!!
Sue R in NC 2021




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