Re: Zahr Update: Insulin and glucose results

Mikaela Tapuska

Thanks everyone, good to know regarding the APF. Perhaps I'll see how he does with this change, since we've already gotten started with the increase, and then go from there in deciding whether to try and bring it up here or not. Luckily so far he hasn't had issues with his appetite during dosage increases (knock on wood), he just gets quite lethargic and seems sleepy most of the time. Granted, that side effect of the pergolide has never entirely gone away since it showed up, so maybe I am misunderstanding the pergolide veil effect if it's usually more of a temporary effect during the actual medication increase.

Is it possible to split the prascend pills up accurately into quarters? I know they break in half well but I thought there were issues splitting most pills beyond that, as the manufacturers can't guarantee where in each half the active medicinal compound is concentrated. But knowing that, since he is sensitive, I think I'll keep him at 2.5mg for a few days longer before increasing it again to 3mg.

Thank you!

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