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Hi Sue,
Good news an making your move successfully.  Do you need to change your signature or are you still in NE Utah?

There’s been a bit of turnover in the compounding pharmacy availability.  I have been working with Mixlab, which has offices in NYC and LA.  Many small animal vets like to work with Wedgewood in New Jersey because they’re familiar with it.  Thriving Pets is also an option.  There may be others In your community but they need to be able to encapsulate the drug.  Some pharmacies prepare an oil suspension, which I used many years ago.  It’s stability is much better than Pergolide in water but not as good as the capsule.

Each Prascend contains about the equivalent of 1.3 mg of compounded pergolide.  The difference is in how they measure it.  So, two Prascend would be the equivalent of 2.6 mg of compounded pergolide.  You can either tell the pharmacist that you want the equivalent of two Prascend or exactly how much cp you want in each capsule.  I began treating with Pergolide before Prascend was available so I tend to work in full mg doses of cp and I would ask the pharmacy for 3.0 mg cp and go from there.
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