Re: Need assistance with trimming hooves and BCS

Sherry Morse

Hi Karen,

Please add the link to your photo album ( to your signature.  To do that:

1) Go to this link to amend your auto-signature:

2) Look at the bottom of that page for the window with your signature.

3) Paste the link to your photo album in the line below your Case History link. You may need to add a space after the link to make it live. 

4) IMPORTANT: Scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE!

To delete a picture: click on the picture, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the "Edit button" and on the next screen click the "Delete Photo" button.  

As far as the photos - the sole shots do show that the flare is real and in general he has long toes and underrun heels which are a fairly common problem.  The x-rays show the long toes and very little sole which is probably still an issue.  On the bright side he's in much better condition as far as the amount of weight he's carrying than he was last fall.

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