Re: One month post-laminitis status on Cayuse


I compiled a time frame that covers the last 5 ½ weeks since this episode started.
May 3 first emergency vet visit, first Xrays taken. 
May 4-5 - first noticed urination pattern with small squirts. Urine culture ultimately negative.
May 10 Pain advanced to the point she had a classic laminitic stance when she tried to walk outside her stall. video
 May 13 I noted Cayuse in estrus with frequent urination, winking and very hard crest.
May 16-19 walking in turnout in evening and leaving stall. Was being dosed with banamine. - video looking more comfortable.
May 22- rocking back in classic laminitic stance after leaving half of overnight hay.
May thru end of month - ups and downs with pulses light on 5/31, when trimmed per mark ups. Sometimes refusing supplements but otherwise eating hay well and on full 300 mg Invokana dose
June 2-9 - progressively more sore, swaying side to side, dragging feet at boot changes. June 7 video shows hind end very sore  Not eating well, refusing supplements, leaving some hay.

I've tested for UTI using two different test strips. Results all negative. Frequent urination is estrus or submissive behavior. 
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