Re: Need assistance with trimming hooves and BCS


I added photo album link to my signature page; I thought I did yesterday but apparently didn't hit save button.  Deleted duplicate photo.  If you need them, we took photos of other hoof angles i.e. sole plane 2, concavity and heels.  Apollo's over due for trim as farrier was on cross country vacation for 3+ weeks.  Last trim May 6, next scheduled trim 6/17. 

Toes are getting long.  That could explain why last couple of days, he seems to stumble when stepping out of stall onto concrete aisle.  Wearing cloud boots with 3/4" pads (6# EVA foam from HappyHoofPads) 24/7 (front only).  Have 2 pairs of cloud boots with pads so boots changed daily.  When it rains, water gets inside Apollo's boots as he'd rather stand outside than under lean-to.  Then we leave his boots off overnight so his hooves dry out.  Has several inches of shavings in stall for comfort.

We have a hoof rasp but no nippers, hoof knife or stand to put his foot on.  Thinking about getting them so we can keep up on his trims instead of relying on farrier.  Current farrier started last October.  Previous one who requested x-rays didn't seem to trim him any different even though acutely laminitic.   RF toe crack visible on x-ray, no longer a problem but probably due in part to wearing boots.  Kelly from HappyHoofPads told me that sometimes with hoof cracks, the cause is actually a problem in opposite hoof not the one with crack.  

J-herb made a huge difference in Apollo's hoof comfort, no longer seems stiff in morning and stall isn't trashed.  Unfortunately, vet wasn't receptive to using metformin even though insulin was >200 but somehow Apollo seems to have avoided full blown laminitis.   Had TRH stim test for Dr. K's study as well as repeat insulin and glucose done; results pending.  Keeping my fingers crossed news will be good.  I'm rinsing his high iron hay to remove surface contamination then soaking for 1 hour before draining.  Almost out of hay so also gets Timothy balance cubes.  

Karen B.
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