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Thank you for your reply.
She has not been on prascend since the very first dose was given and then recommended to take her off as her bloodwork was not indicative of PPID.  It was recommended by my vet if she did not improve after farrier work 4/22/22. 
But she had not been on an approved IR diet until 5/16/22 at which time I had gotten my CH properly inputted to the group and you kindly responded the next day with hopes I would see improvements with her comfort level as she was on the TC Timothy balance cubes.  It was then recommended once she was on the diet for 3 weeks to retest her insulin and have TRH stim test for her ACTH as she may well be early PPID. 
And as my request for recommendations on metformin and prascend was because I could not get the testing done with the vet  and have now requested just an insulin & glucose test but have not gotten a return call.  In the mean time Jamie has still not improved as far as her discomfort level so at this point I am wanting to just start her on metformin to see if there are any changes in her pain/discomfort.

The X-rays in my CH are less than 2 months old so not sure if you are wanting more current X-rays?  I do not have current trim pictures, but she is on a 4 week trim schedule and I do not have someone available to help me get the required photos.  My farrier is the farrier used by all the vets in our area as well as Sacramento CA area so I have confidence in him. Not to say he can't be missing something.  Jamie is due to be trimmed again on June 23 so I was going to have my farrier assist with the photo's at that time.
I do have photos (from 4/22/22 trim) in my CH but was unable to get complete photos of the right fore because of her inability to stay standing.

So at this point I am not sure what to do or direction to go.  And at this point seems like more issues are developing with Jamie....she finishes her breakfast and immediate goes to eating her shavings.  She is getting 12 lbs TC cubes split into 3 feedings per day with necessary added supplements (flat, vit E, salt) in the am and pm feeding.
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May 2022, Anderson CA

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