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Thank you

I have requested just the insulin but have not gotten a return call.  I have tried to do everything in the proper time/schedule but in my area we deal with a huge vet shortage, mobile vets and knowledge of what I am dealing with.
The vet has prescribed the metformin for me to start her but was hoping to have some baseline before hand.  In the meantime Jamie continues to be uncomfortable. 
Yes, the trim pictures in my CH was at the start of Jamies issues and she was unable to be trimmed at her scheduled trim appointment due to the severity of her laminitis. So she was long when she did get trimmed and farrier did not want to do too much to completely put her down.  Since those pictures she has been done and is on a 4 week schedule.  I do not have assistance in getting photos taken and on 6/23 when farrier comes to do her I am going to have him help in getting the photos taken.
As I mentioned to Sherry (group member that's been assisting as well ) that I have great confidence in my farrier as he is who works for the vets in the area as well as Sacramento CA locations.  But I am not saying he can't be missing something.
With all this being said and the current situation with the vet and bloodwork I am just wonder if I am safe to just start Jamie on metformin and pray I see an improvement?
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May 2022, Anderson CA

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