Re: Recommendations on starting Metformin and Prascend

Sherry Morse

Hi Lisa,

To be clear:
  • No repeat bloodwork done yet
  • Currently not on Metformin
  • Being fed 12lbs of cubes per day 
    • If that's the only thing she's being fed she should be eating 15.4lbs a day - is there a reason you're feeding her so much less?  Was she gaining weight on the correct amount for her weight?  If there's no reason that she's not on the correct amount for her weight I would suggest bumping her up the 3.4 pounds and see if that makes a difference with her trying to eat shavings.
  • If current trim looks like the x-rays from April and pictures posted in May her toes are still too long and need to be brought back.  
    • Ideally to get mark-ups you would want to post pre-trim pictures at least a week in advance and ask Lavinia for assistance. That would give her enough time to get you mark-ups before the farrier arrives.  Even just posting dorsal and side views if you can't pick up her feet to do the sole shots would be helpful.
      • IF she can't stand up you can take pictures of her feet with her laying down, this may be the best option for sole shots if you want to try for them at this point.
    • Taking pictures post trim for an evaluation is only going to work if you're going to fix what needs to be done right away.  Waiting another 4 weeks means the foot will have grown more and the mark-ups will not be helpful at all.
Were this my horse I'd want to get bloodwork done now for insulin and glucose at the very least and then make a decision on starting Metformin based on that.  I'd also look at getting the TRH test done to see if she is in fact early PPID as that could also be contributing to the rise in insulin and you want to get the insulin number down so that is out of the equation as being a reason for foot soreness.

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