Re: Recommendations on starting Metformin and Prascend

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Hi Sherry

Thank you 

Correct no repeat blood work as I have had a difficult time with my vet having the tests when I requested them last week (TRH stim test for ACTH and insulin level).  As mentioned I have requested just insulin glucose level but not hear back.
Correct, currently not on metformin.  
Feed amount was my understanding the cubes ratio to hay was less. (3 to 4 ratio)?  She was not gaining weight, was maintaining but has begun losing. She is at 1009 tape weight.
Current trim does not look like CH photos, has less toe and lower heal.
I will work on getting current pictures before farrier visit. Thank you for the suggestions on taking photos and what limited photos I can submit right now.
I am working on getting bloodwork insulin and glucose. That has been my goal but has not been easy.
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May 2022, Anderson CA

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