Re: Recommendations on starting Metformin and Prascend

Sherry Morse

Hi Lisa,

Yes the cubes are fed at a 3:4 ratio to hay but unless you're trying to have her lose weight you need to figure the 2% of her ideal weight in hay and then convert that to pounds of cubes.  If you want her to be 1000lbs that would be 20lbs of hay or 15lbs of cubes a day.  You had previously said she was 1025lbs which would be 20.5lbs of hay or 15.375lbs of cubes a day.  

Either way 12lbs of cubes is not enough.  That is the amount of cubes you would feed to replace 16lbs of hay which is what you would be feeding an 800lb horse, not a 1000lb one.

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