Re: Banamine/Gabapentin/Pentoxifylline

Alysoun Mahoney

Thank you for the quick reply, Dr. Kellon. 

I can post Charlie’s photo and case history later today per your recommendation. He is stocky for a TB but not overweight. 

He has Secretariat in his lineage — is it known what caused the liaminitis that intimately led to Secretariat being euthanized?

My vet team does plan to do labs, but recommended waiting until Charlie tapers his meds. I understand that they are assuming insulin resistance until we can prove otherwise, and have directed diet changes. This seemed reasonable to me since endocrine factors are overwhelmingly the cause of laminitis in equines generally, and the other common causes of laminitis don’t seem to make sense in his case. 

I initially thought his lameness stemmed from having work done on my barn aisle — which exposed coarse gravel for a week, and necessitated keeping my horses in the pasture for 48 hours straight (with water and a run-in). My vet thinks this was purely coincidence.


Alysoun M in PA 2022

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