Re: Need assistance with trimming hooves and BCS


Thanks for info.  Actually when Apollo was foot sore, I couldn't really tell which was side more sore.  I had issues with previous farrier who had been trimming Apollo for 8 years.  Right hoof toe crack would come and go but he had it more often than he didn't.  Couldn't understand farrier's treatment approach which was to notch out crack every hoof trim.  Said he needed to clean out crack yet denied need for any other treatment.  When Apollo became acutely laminitic, farrier requested x-rays but then seemed to do same trim he had always done i.e. long toes on hoof x-rays.  Actually a blessing when he abruptly quit.  Current farrier seems to have a better idea about how to do balanced trims but I've also had some concerns.  Early on he was using hoof knife to remove some of Apollo's soles, especially on left front, most affected by laminitis.  When I questioned this, he said he had to remove calloused part of sole but this made sole uneven with small divets all over it.  Fortunately it has grown out fairly well.  Apollo scheduled for farrier trim tomorrow.  Will relay info other ECIR members have provided and keep fingers crossed he won't get upset.  He was okay with doing hoof photographs but felt they don't always accurately reflect what's going on with hoof because they're only two dimensional.  Really thinking I should learn to do my own trims so I'm not so dependent upon someone else and would have full control of what kind of trim he gets.
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