Re: Need assistance with trimming hooves and BCS


Hi Cass,

Do you have any recommendations regarding brand of rasp and where I could purchase a high quality one?  We bought a "Tough-1 farrier rasp" from Tractor Supply. which seemed fairly decent but wasn't very expensive.  I suppose you get what you pay for so probably will need to upgrade.  Over-all I would say Apollo is fairly easy to trim although better easier with front than back hooves.  Personally, I think a hoof stand would make rasping easier but a good one is expensive.  Farrier's coming to do trim tomorrow.  Interestingly, Apollo doesn't seem to outgrow his Cloud boots between every 4 week trims.  Maybe that's part of his problem, i.e. slow hoof growth. Hopefully, that will improve with more time on a better diet.
Karen B.
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