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Hi Kristen,

Agree with subclinical laminitis. I suspect Apollo suffered from it for years due to undiagnosed IR.  Early PPID last fall tripped him over the edge and he became acutely laminitic.  His previous owner reported problems with chronic thin soles and intermittent lameness especially during summer.  It's very frustrating that despite yearly vet exam with geriatric blood tests and year round farrier trims every 4 weeks, Apollo still didn't get the care he needed.  Apollo had low thyroid levels for at least 3 years before being diagnoses with IR/PPID.  I first read about subclinical laminitis on website of a farrier in UK.  Further research lead me to ECIR's website which helped get Apollo properly diagnosed.  Unfortunately, treatment is proving very challenging and I'm beginning to feel I'll never get him stabilized.  Vets in my area don't seem to be very knowlegeable about treating IR and it's frustrating to know there is more I could do if vet was willing to try medications to bring down insulin.  Fortunately, soaking his hay and limiting supplemental forage to timothy balanced cubes has helped.  Clinically he looks and seems to feel better than he ever has.  Awaiting some blood test results which I will post soon. 

Have been using Cloud boots with thick foam pads.  Initially used pieces cut from old neoprene saddle pad because was only thing that made him comfortable.  Also used a sinker pad technique recommended by hoof trimmer i.e. trace hoof, then bevel out edge so horse weight bears more on pad under sole than on wall of hoof.  This seemed to help get him more comfortable but when he started moving more, gorilla tape holding them on would rip and they wouldn't stay in place.  Currently using 3/4" 6# sinker pad from which seem to work well.  Will be replacing pads after farrier does trim tomorrow.  Should his Cloud boot treads be beveled?  Our farrier had use rasp fronts to improve breakover.
Karen B.
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