Re: Need assistance with trimming hooves and BCS


Apollo's doing very well despite our vet not being receptive to using metformin.  No heat or elevated pulses but was foot sore and especially stiff in mornings although improved once got moving.  J-herb recommended by Dr. K really helped.  Soaking hay also seems to have helped.  Recently read on this site that only wet chemistry should be used for hay analysis.  Had our hay tested by local certified forage lab last October; results < 10% ESC + starch but when I checked with this lab, I was informed only mineral portion was wet chemistry and everything else was NIR.  They "reassured" me that NIR results were within 2.5% of wet chemistry values, I politely informed them that might be enough to affect a horse with severe IR like Apollo.  They said I could request wet chemistry hay analysis but that it would not include ESC.  According to in UK, there are no labs there or in Europe that do ESC by wet chemistry.  I used info from ECIR website last fall before I joined and unfortunately, the "wet chemistry only" hay analysis recommendation was not mentioned there.  Could it be added so no one else makes the same mistake I did?
Karen B.
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