Re: Need assistance with trimming hooves and BCS


Karen, I’m far from an expert on rasps. If you search Messages for something like “good rasp” you can review opinions. I use a Heller rasp, the Excel. Next I’ll try the Heller rasp for hard dry hooves. Others like Bellota rasps. They don't last for years, just fyi, and mine probably could be replaced after several years. I keep it a case to protect it from rust. Here's an example of the opinions you'll find from Cindy, an ECIR volunteer: 

I did invest in a Hoofit Stand for ponies. I don't see my model any more. It’s a little less money and fine for my small mare. If you buy one, have your trimmer show you how to use a stand for the front hooves— where to place it in front of the horse, how to block the horse from pulling its front hoof off the stand by using your body. The hinds are easier using the cradle. 

As for rasping the breakovers on the Clouds, definitely follow Lavinia's diagram. 
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