Help getting my horse to eat minerals, etc.


Good evening. My boy with IR/former founder is doing great. Sound. Insulin regulated - still on Metformin. In work and performing better and better. But after years of his familiar supplements...he has stopped wanting to eat anything but his soaked hay and pasture. He has always been picky and has gone through short periods of doing this. But now I can barely get him to eat flax, vitamin E, salt and Mg most days. Nothing has changed in his environment or routine.

I have looked through the files and posts. He likes the safe hay cubes, and that has been his base for the 9 years we have been together. He eats them like treats. I have tried adding speedi-beet, safe treats, safe flavoring, adding GUT (used to love it), cinnamon, and Ulcer Guard - in separate trials. Even then, he doesn't want the supplements. My hay source changes too frequently to balance, but I balance on an average. AZ Copper complete or CA Trace pellets have complimented okay. But he won't eat them now - even separate from his cube mash.

I would like to try not to add anything beyond flax, salt and Vit E to his cubes at this point. So a pelleted mineral, amino acid, and probiotic supplement would be best. For now, would Uckele's Equi-base Grass Pellets or Sport Horse Grass pellets be advisable to try? I see one has alfalfa meal and the other has rice bran - I am scared to rock the insulin boat.



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