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Erin Isaachsen

Hi Sherry -
Thanks for your input!  I have questions, always questions... :-)

On Sat, Jun 11, 2022 at 09:34 PM, Sherry Morse wrote:
In your 2019 picture Darla appears to be a 5 to me.  Based on that vs. the picture from today I'd say your estimate of her BCS and amount she needs to lose at a minimum are probably correct. For my horse the weight tape adds 20lbs vs. scale weight but that's him, I can't say if that's true of every horse. With that information on her weight, by the numbers you're correct and she shouldn't be eating more than 21lbs a day. You may need to tweak that if she doesn't lose weight on that amount but that's where you should start.
What BCS does she look like to you in the today picture?  (I estimated 7.)  Do you think she actually weighs1284 lbs!?  Using the weight calculator Excel calculates 1284 lbs (Length 186 cm, Girth 193 cm).   I'm hoping I measured incorrectly!

What, in general, are the weight differences between the BCS's for a 15.2 hh draft cross type horse?

Thanks again.
- Erin

June 2022, Aldie, VA

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