Re: DR KELLON &/or LAVINIA please - no hope for DIXIE?

Nancy C

Hi Terrie

Here are two more ways to find all your messages:

(1) When on the ECIR web page, in one of your messages, look at the lower part of the screen for an icon that looks like stack of coins. Open that link and look for "All messages by this member".

This is a link to all your messages to date.

(2) Use your poster ID in the search window. It is posterid:60279

I agree with Maxine about the Teff comments. The reality is that you just don't know unless you test.

I can't speak to what else may be going on with Dixiet that complicates your picture, but wanted to offer this post from Dr Kellon from 2011. Ponies are amazingly resilient. Unfortunately the links to photos/rads are no longer viable.  I am still looking for the rads. They were far, far worse than your rads. Here are links to Billie the wonder pony's photos and CH that Dr Kellon mentioned and his CH,,,50,2,0,0

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