Minor Nosebleed a concern

Candice Piraino

Hello everyone!

I have done a preliminary search, but found nothing extremely relevant at this time.

My just turned 18 year old gelding is both EMS & PPID and I just went outside to give him a cold hosing due to the extreme heat as well as place some frozen bottles in the water trough to have cool water. I noticed a slight pink reddish tint coming down from his nostril and I became alarmed.  He was just standing under his shelter on the track when I found the nosebleed. It is not an active drip, but he has never had a nosebleed in  his life that I aware of. I am starting to panic because he also has had melanomas for about a decade now and they are becoming much larger within his sheath area and not completely dropping to go pee. He does once in awhile drop completely, but not always to urinate. 

I have a call into the vet, but she is going to participate in the Mongolian Derby and getting ready to leave- so she is very busy. 

Nothing new except he was coughing this morning after his breakfast, and maybe the timothy cubes weren't completely soaked? I also did notice some dry grass cuttings on side of fence that boarders a neighbor so I am praying the idiot did not give my horses grass clippings. Otherwise no other changes have occurred. 

Is this considered an emergency, or just keep an eye on it?

Hopefully I put in enough information to give an adequate description. 

Candice Piraino

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September 2018, Summerfield, FL

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