Re: Relevante - Insulin spike and I may have goofed on latest trim

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Lynn,

I had a similar problem with Shaku at his last trim.  I did a fairly big corrective trim all at once and he was sore after, both fronts and hinds.  I felt awful, too, but after a couple days he was back to normal.  Taking a lot off at one trim can do that.  It would be much better for you (and me!) to work on it between trims with a couple swipes of the rasp every day or 2.  That way the change is more gradual and they have time to adjust.  And uf you see them getting more tender it's easy to stop without having caused too much pain.

As for Relevante's insulin, 22 uIU/ml is still very good and nowhere near high enough to be causing pain.  It's possible it had come down if enough time passed between grass and vet visit (how much time was there in between?), but it's also possible that is not the cause of his sore front feet.  I understand from Dr Bowker's experience his horses seem to shed sole on occasion for no apparent reason, and his horses can be quite thin soled from time to time.  If R has thin soles that could be one possible reason for sore feet, especially if adding boots really helps.  Is Relevante booted all the time or just for riding and when he is sore?   I think the best thing is to post new hoof photos, and consider getting radiographs done.

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