Chicy's legs swollen - Dr Kellon


Hello Dr Kellon 
when I went to Aiken to visit Chicy her rear legs are twice normal size up past hocks. No one advised me. They said they wrapped them a few days but did not help. They did not cut down on her salt. They only allow me supervised 30 minute visits. I wanted to cold hose her legs they said no. I did anyway and she immediately layed down and rolled while she was still outside. Then I heard a vet tech say "see I told you she can lay down. There is nothing wrong with her".  The next day I hosed her again after walking her. Then when I put her in the stall she kept walking in circles and pawing and trying to lay down but her rear legs would not allow her too. I asked to talk to a vet and I requested if I buy cold wrap leg raps (the kind that stayed in the freezer) if they would wrap her legs 2 x day. And also requested hand walking. I was told they do not have available staff to put leg wraps on her and it is too hot to have employees hand walking her. They won't let me do these things for her. I am concerned she cannot lay down to position her baby and do stretches most mares I have had do before foaling. 

will taking her off salt and keeping her on source be okay until she foals. The only change yo her diet is they added psyllium to her diet last weekend at my request since it is sandy terrain snd when she goes out for 2 hours in early am they feed hay off the ground. She was only to be on it a week. 

I am going to call them tomorrow snd tell them I need the okay to come take care of her since they do not have staff that can. 
Janet and Chicy
Chester SC

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