Re: Relevante - Insulin spike and I may have goofed on latest trim


Hi Kirsten, Thanks so much for your input. Regarding your question about insulin/timing....he ate the grass along his fence line (yes he pushed the bottom of the fence out along the whole front of his paddock) May 25/26. My vet came May 27 and when I got to the farm to meet him , I found Relevante with a slight crest and sore front feet which were reactive to hoof testers. Thankfully as you say, despite his binge his insulin came back okay.  i was able to get in a good spray before the next set of rains came. It was a deluge for several days causing more grass to spring up so I think he might possibly haven't a few more mouthfuls. I do the think the soreness he is experiencing now is due to what we did during trimming. As far as boot usage goes, when he is in his stall/paddock he doesn't normally wear boots at all unless he is having a problem. When we ride i have him in the Cavallo Trek boots. I have ridden him with just front boots on but I guess I feel better with 4 because we often cross streams which have rocks and not all the trails on the property are grass covered ....I think about things like stone bruises etc. I do have the vet scheduled to come out in August (the soonest i could get him) to do radiographs and other stuff (more vaccinations/teeth float). When I checked on him today  - he was still acting a bit sore but better than yesterday.  I'm going to go back out in the next day or two with the hopes of getting photos to post.  And yes, my farrier and I are talking about touching base in between the 4-week trims and evaluate how to maintain what's been done.
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