Re: DR KELLON &/or LAVINIA please - no hope for DIXIE?


Thanks Maxine,  since receiving the bad news I have been glued online trying to find a solution.  FeedXL have Teff oxolate content at 10-12g/kg with Rhodes grass hay only 2.5-3g/kg and I have been able to source some Rhodes which is low in sugar & starch too. There also seems to be discussion regarding the oxolate content in teff preventing effective absorption of the DCP that is in Dixies diet meaning that she could be calcium deficient, so it is hard for me to know what to do now.   There has been a big upheaval at my vets and the one that usually looks after all my animals is away for 6 weeks so I suspect that the Ertugliflozin was not ordered. As my compounding chemist is unable to make it, it has to be ordered through the vet from BOVA, giving me no way to find out what is going on, so I will re-start the Metformin tomorrow morning as the Ertug took 2 weeks to arrive the last time it was ordered.   Was instructed to wait 2 weeks after the Metformin was stopped the last time before starting the Ertug so didn't know if that was the criteria when going the other way.
Thank you for your kind words.    I hope I can get Dixie through this.

Terrie H in Australia 2021
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