Re: Zahr Update: Insulin and glucose results

Mikaela Tapuska

Zahr is now on 3mg of Prascend daily, we worked him up slowly this time and he responded really well. His appetite for hay has remained (he is being a fusspants about his supplements, but that started a while before I made any changes to his meds) and he is still relatively bright, he doesn't seem to have been hit by the lethargy this time which is great!

Unfortunately, the vet is unwilling to write a prescription for compounded pergolide so we will have to make do with Prascend for a little while longer... However, I was able to contact another vet in this area who will, it is just going to be about two weeks before she can come do an exam on Zahr in order to write the prescription for him.

Based on the estimated timeline that Island Pharmacy gave me for the meds shipping out once the prescription is in, we'll likely hit the 3 week mark of being on 3mg Prascend daily by the time they arrive. So my question is, should I test Zahr's ACTH again at the 3 week mark of being on 3mg/day Prascend, or would it be better to give him another 3 weeks of being on the equivalent in compounded pergolide to make sure that he is responding to it the same way he is to the Prascend? My thoughts were leaning towards the latter, if that is to be the medication he will stay on going forward it would make most sense to test his ACTH levels in response to that itself. But of course, on the flipside that will be pushing him closer to the seasonal rise, which is probably already starting to take effect with it being mid-June. Any recommendations?

Thank you!
Mikaela Tapuska in Calgary AB, 2021

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