Jiaogulan research on broodmares


Has there been any research on broodmares taking Jiaogulan? I know there is a warning on the Uckele label of Jiaogulan "for pregnant animals and animals used for breeding". Just to clarify, I am not asking for Roma but a few months ago I took in a rescue mare in rough shape who I just found out is in foal. When she arrived, she had a body score of 2 and was started on hay, beet pulp, rice bran pellets & pasture. Even though she is about 11, I started her on Uckele Senior since I had almost a full container from my 32 yr old mare who passed. The new mare was listless (what I would call depressed) and seemed sore but not lame, so I decided to try her on the Jiaogolan. She was a different horse within a few days and I have kept her on it. I don't want her to regress but also afraid for the foal she is carrying. If there is any information on mares on Jiaogulan please point me in that direction. When I fix up feed tonight I will not add it in for her.

Dawn & Roma
Middletown, DE
August 2011

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