PPID and Vinnie's Coat

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hi, this is my first year experiencing this and based on my history with the enigma unicorn  known as Vinnie, I just want to be as proactive vs reactive as possible.

I had to body clip Vinnie this year about a month ago because he didn't shed and wr have had some really warm Temps.  Last acth was well controlled at 15.3, but... he has been on a steady increase of pergolide over the last few months to get him at that number. 

In the last week I noticed he started growing coat again, and I am on alert.

How normal is this considering where he is with his ppid mgmt?  Do I worry and add more pergolide?  I would say the only other symptoms has been hyperreactivity to mosquitoes but that has been happening since about 2018.  Maybe a tad more footy than usual.  

He is on 6.6mg pergolide and 200mg invokana. Side note--He is eating well and up to 12 cups dry weight beet pulp with his l carnitine and pea protein.

We are going to do a TRH stim next week with TG and insulin (was supposed to be this week but it got rescheduled)
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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