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Frances C

Re : HEAT CAN ELEVATE RESPIRATIONS. As an aside due to unexplained elevated respirations I started monitoring heart rate (resting and active) respiration rate, time of day, environmental factors such as smoke etc from Aug. 12 2017 to Oct. 14 2017. So it was a good 2 month trial. I kept a sort of chart of this which was done twice or thrice a day usually 9 am and 6 pm. Of course it was generally cooler in the morning than in the evening. Heart rate was also higher in the evening. After having kept records for a week and seeing consistently high heart rates (45-60 BPM) and under supervision of vet. administered 10 cc of banamine to see if perhaps this was due to pain. and monitored her HR 12 times that day. Results from this were briefly 46 at the beginning to 55 at the last, just about the same as without the drug. By Aug. 23 I was also checking respiration rates which I had more difficulty deciphering but probably averaging 15 per minute again for the 2 month period. There was a correlation between respiration rate, heart rate and air temp and smoke but it was not always consistent. By Oct. 8 2017 the heart rate never went above 46 BPM and respiration had dropped to 6-8-12 so I stopped my little experiment on Oct. 14 2017. Still dont have a clue what this was all about.
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