Re: Questions about Estradiol and Cayuse


Thanks, Dr Kellon, especially the clarification that cystic follicles "mature" to produce progesterone but don't ovulate. 

Unfortunately, today we have a repeat of the earlier pattern. Cayuse could barely walk across her bedded stall to her hay this morning. When I checked at 1PM, I found her down in the stall (this time on her right side) with 2 piles of manure in the stall. She was sweating at the flanks and around her belly back by the udder. Same slightly elevated respirations (32 today) that I now think are a reflection of pain. After a dose of banamine and a nap, she was up and hungry, comfortable enough to cooperate as I put on a fresh pair of hoof pads in front. 

I hoped she'd have a full, clear and immediate recovery. A single dose of banamine every other day is an improvement.

I will call my vets Thursday to request the ultrasounds and hormone testing you describe. 
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