Re: REM sleep and Cushings


Hi, Alvi. I have a sleep-deprived mare who was that way years before she developed PPID and started pergolide. Nothing has changed with pergolide. In my discussions with other horse owners whose horses  can't or don't lie down to sleep, those with older horses that develop the issue late in life report orthopedic issues worsened by age that interfere with lying down or getting up quickly.  My own mare has bad methods to catch herself falling asleep, such as resting next to the electric fencing that will shock her awake. In the stall, I deeply bed one corner (bedding goes up 3 1/2 feet high and wide and against one wall. She stands in the corner at night, so that if she falls asleep, her muzzle hits the bedding instead of the stall wall. Deep banking is advised. I don't close her in the stall, but that is another common piece of advice. Leaning on the wall or a fence is common behavior. Unfortunately, I don't know of any fix or cure, including sedation.
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