Hello, Ive been pointed in your direction by a good friend who got a lot of help from here when dealing with Lami. Hope you can help.

A year ago I bought a gypsy cob pony, gelding. Im not new to horses, I have always kept a few. This is my first experience of Lami.

Patch is only 12.2 but is very chunky. His feet were in terrible condition when he came. Shod, on a diet and in work there was no obvious sign of a problem until a month ago when overnight he went down with lami.

He's been on box rest for a month now with pads on his feet. Had xrays and is on bute. This week he seemed worse for a few days but is back to shuffling round his stable.

Am I in the right place for advice?

He's had numerous visits  from the vet who wants him in heart bar shoes asap. My farrier wanted the pain to be more under control before he even attempted to shoe him. And I'm not even sure if that is the right thing to do

Also food. He has never been fed any extra calories. Winters out with no extra hay or feed. When in the stable he just gets hay, which is now soaked. Vet suggested 50% straw 50% hay ?

help!!!! Please x
Jessica Roebuck
Turton UK

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