Re: Glucose testing with AlphaTrak #file-notice

Sherry Morse

Thanks Cass for finding the Case History.  The folder that it's in should be the link added to the signature though (I've moved it to the folder that was created but was empty), so Toni use this link in your signature: 

Now that Cass has found the CH and photos the first thing that jumps out at me is that Stubby is very overweight.  The one x-ray you shared shows a long toe and next to no sole so she needs a diet change ASAP.  

Are you actually weighing the hay she's being fed at this point?  If so, 2lbs is much too little and feeding too little can cause other issues.  If you want her to lose weight she needs to be eating 2% of ideal weight or 1.5% of current weight whichever is greater and that amount should include both hay and any concentrates.  For an ideal weight of 250 she should be eating 5lbs per day.  You may need to tweak that amount based on how much she is losing (or isn't losing) but again, feeding less than that is not the answer.

As outlined in your welcome letter at this point she should be eating soaked hay until you can get it tested and you can use either Triple Crown Timothy Balance Cubes (fed at a 3:4 ratio to hay) or rinsed, soaked, rinsed beet pulp for a carrier for supplements.  We do not recommend Heiro here as it's not been found to be useful.

I also would not let her on pasture at all unless she's wearing a closed muzzle (the hole in the bottom taped up). Do not force her to exercise at this point either as she needs some corrective trimming done and time for her feet to grow out before exercise is added in.  If you could add a full set of pictures as outlined in the Wiki: that would be very helpful. Is she in boots?  If not you may want to get her in some so she can be more comfortable.

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