Quick ??s re APF

Joy V

Hi group,

The vet came today and drew blood for another ACTH test.  He and I agree that he will raise Willie's pergolide dose if the result is the same or higher than the previous result in April.  (April result was 26 w/ lab ref range 1-40)

First, should I just get APF?  Or is APF PRO better?  Something else?  

Also, when should I start APF?  I searched the messages and the files and got a ton of responses, but did not see when to start it;  i.e. two days prior to the first increase of pergolide? or one day?

Vet said he would increase the pergolide dose from 1.5mg to 2mg.  I assume I should go by .25 increases with a day or so in between each increase?

I'm reasonably sure the dose will be getting increased so I want to be ready.  Willie did have some veil symptoms last increase, so I'm hoping to avoid that.  

Thanks all, in advance, for the help.  I'm grateful!

Joy and Willie (EC/IR)
Nevada County, CA - 2019

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